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Instructors Code of Conduct

Maintain professionalism and excellence in teaching with our Instructor Code of Conduct. Elevate your instructional standards now! Parho.co is a startup. Parho.co strives to unite individuals through the power of knowledge. In order to cultivate a diverse and inclusive learning environment, we expect instructors to uphold a standard of behavior both on and off the Parho.co platform that aligns with Parho.co’s core values. By doing so, we can collectively construct a truly secure and welcoming platform.

Instructors found to be involved in activities that could undermine user trust, or who receive censure for such activities, will undergo a review of their account status. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Engaging in criminal or harmful behavior
  • Demonstrating hateful or discriminatory conduct or speech
  • Disseminating disinformation or misinformation

When investigating allegations of instructor misconduct, Parho.co’s Trust & Safety Team will take into account various factors, including:

  • The nature and seriousness of the offense
  • Any legal or disciplinary actions taken
  • Any patterns of concerning behavior exhibited
  • The degree to which the conduct relates to the individual’s role as an instructor
  • The individual’s circumstances and age at the time of the offense
  • The passage of time since the occurrence
  • Demonstrated efforts towards rehabilitation

We acknowledge that everyone is capable of making mistakes. At Parho.co, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education to improve lives. Therefore, any inquiries into instructor conduct conducted by the Parho.co Team will prioritize assessing the ongoing impact and potential risks to learners and the broader platform.


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