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How to create an instructor profile?

To create an instructor profile on Parho.co is an easy step. There are couple of steps to follow and you will create a profile that will help you market yourself and your courses.

Steps to follow

  • Please login using your credentials
  • After logging in; please click on the link Profile which is at the top right hand corner besides blue button

Profile Page

  • The profile page will look like the below image.
  • There are several menu items on the left hand side under the word Profile in bold.
  • Hover the mouse over Settings. More menu item will expand as shown in the image.

General Settings

  • Click on General and the page will look like as shown in the following image.
  • Fill the page as much as you can do.
  • This page is part of your SEO and will be indexed by Google.

Change your picture on profile

Please follow the steps

  • Click on Avatar to change your profile image as shown in the image below.


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